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With more than 15 years of experience in mortgage transaction management, we’re the leading firm helping mortgage loan originators meet loan requirements and funding dates, and maintain an organized mortgage loan transaction system. TC ONE specializes in managing mortgage transactions from receiving the loan application to funding to ensure a successful and smooth transaction. We do this through ensuring correct and timely processing of your broker’s and lender's compliance and documentation requirements. We will manage all the paperwork; collecting and distributing all files and documentation that are essential for the mortgage transaction to flow seamlessly. We also keep up to date on the most recent state and federal regulations and maintain all files under strict legal compliance, which helps alleviate your legal liability. We monitor and manage every phase of the mortgage transaction, from the mortgage application to funding of the loan.


We understand that every mortgage transaction is unique with different parties involved: principals, brokers, escrow, lender, appraisers, and more – each with their own responsibilities to the transaction. As such, we emphasize communication, timeliness, and attention to detail with all parties involved – this is essential to the successful close of every mortgage transaction.


TC ONE Mortgage Transaction Management


In a highly competitive mortgage landscape, reduced turnaround times can keep your mortgage business a step ahead of your competitors. TC ONE leverages a well-defined mortgage loan process, nation-wide delivery capabilities and advanced technology to help lenders and brokers expedite the loan closure cycles and seize a distinct competitive advantage.

From initial application approval to closing, acquiring a mortgage loan is a tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process for lenders, borrowers, real estate agents, sellers, and anyone else directly or indirectly involved with the mortgage transaction.

At TC ONE, we believe that with the right tools, access to the latest technology, and with professional mortgage transaction managers, mortgage loan processing times can be dramatically reduced thereby leading to faster closings and better business growth. For the past 15 years, we have worked with national mortgage lenders and provided our efficient processing services across the complete mortgage transaction lifecycle. From loan origination to closing, we ensure that all your requirements are taken care of by our in-house mortgage specialists.



TC ONE Handles All Aspects of the Mortgage Process to Provide a Simplified Business Solution

​TC ONE offers end-to-end mortgage loan processing services that cover a wide range of functions from processing related services, business acquisitions and appraisal title checks to underwriting disbursements and collections services. A team of focused and highly skilled professionals help you make informed decisions pertaining to mortgage loan application process. 

Mortgage Loan Processing Support


Document Collection

One of the major reasons for the delay in mortgage processing is improper or late collection of documents. Our services ensure that the whole process of collecting documents required as part of the mortgage loan application is completed in as short a time as possible.

  • Bank statements, pay stubs, W2s, etc.

  • Bank/mortgage/pension statements

  • Divorce decrees and escrow documents

  • Child support documentation

  • Property flood certificates and homeowner's insurance documents

Reviewing Documents for Compliance

We specialize in stringent document review throughout the entire process of document preparation and fulfillment. Our solution can easily deliver thousands of mortgage documents on a per day basis related to the loan process.

  • Borrower's authorization documents

  • Forms 1008 & 1003, W2s, LE, etc.

  • Any other documents as per your request


Credit Scoring

With the help of our expert credit scoring support services, you can make better lending decisions while receiving richer, more predictive trends in credit scoring behavior by Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

  • Perform credit check for all your borrowers on a regular basis

  • Pre-screen credentials

  • Check the latest social security status

  • Review existing loans (with MERS)

  • Check for any defaults in payments and tax returns


Credential Verification

  • All user submitted documentation


  • Sales history of the property


If required, we can also actively monitor all federal and state-specific forms on a per-user basis and deliver timely reports.

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